PAWA Board Members 2017

JoAnn Lakin Jackson
Ken S. Lapham
Marilyn Glasscock
Financial Officer
Marjorie Eldred
Diana Fairbank
Paul T. Jackson
Publications Editor


The founders of PAWA first met at the Enumclaw Library. In 1999, they named the group the Plateau Area Writers Association. However, they were not finished, there was much work ahead.

Several members went to work on the goal of setting up a non-profit organization. They were going to, as they put it, “Establish a 501 (C) (3).” Two members assembled a first draft of By Laws for the new, dreamt of, nonprofit organization. There followed many hours of tedium for the members. Government forms were to be filled out and new drafts of, what became, the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were created and approved by the membership more times than expected. After two years of effort, interacting with state and federal authorities, they officially became a non-profit association. (By-Laws in Word)

Today the Association has a membership of about 45 hopeful writers. They reside in the Plateau Area of King and Pierce Counties. Along the way an internet website was established for all to learn more about this bustling organization. We had our 3-page site for a few years, and it served us well, but now this new website represents the expansion of our association.

The Plateau Area Writers Association, or more commonly called, PAWA, performs many outreach projects for the community. The main activity is a focus on helping writers form small critique groups. The purpose of these groups of about 4 or 5 writers, is to give each an opportunity to receive helpful criticism of their works. Thus helping members get their memoirs or other writings into the best possible form for publication.

PAWA publishes anthologies allowing members an opportunity to showcase their works in a collection of writings. These books, which make fine gifts, are published once or twice a year.

A quarterly newsletter is published by PAWA which contains the members’ creative efforts. The newsletter has a circulation of more than a hundred readers.

PAWA conducts several programs for school children in the Plateau Area to encourage reading and writing.

We also gather donations at each meeting to donate to the local food banks.

With all the activities sponsored by PAWA, along with writing for possible publication, it has been very rewarding for the members of this small non-profit nestled on the plateau in the shadow of Mount Rainier.

We welcome you to join us at one of our meetings. They are free and open to any one with an interest in writing or just hearing a particular speaker present their work. The latest events will also be sent to our email list.



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